25 Random Running Facts

Hello, I know we are just meeting so I wanted to start out with something kind of old school and fun….like me 🙂

Remember when everyone posted their 25 Random Facts?  I loved reading everyone’s facts!

This gave me the idea to apply it to running like I do most things in my life.

So here are my 25 Random Running Facts-

  1. I try and run 4-5 times per week.
  2. I have awful bunions and need surgery badly but I refuse to take the required 6 wks off after the surgery.  I will wait till I can no longer stand the pain.
  3. I like to run no less than 6 miles every time I run.  I am trying to be less OCD about this.
  4. I am super grumpy when I don’t get my run in.
  5. I am working on rehabbing my right leg-for good this time.
  6. I hope I can run until I am 80 (if I live that long).
  7. I admire every runner I see-fast , slow, male, female, young, old.  I see someone running and just think, “Yes, they get it.”
  8. I love to run in Nike Frees.  Most people in the running community will tell you they are the devil though.
  9. I LOVE the treadmill and would rather run on it than outside any day.
  10. I can’t stand running in shirts with sleeves.
  11. I have run every race distance but a 10k.
  12. I am a negative splitter.
  13. My proudest running moment was when a girl at the gym told me that another gym-goer (who happened to be a running coach) told her to “watch my stride and try running like her.”
  14. My least proud running moment was running the Disney marathon. I was hurt and should’ve opted out.
  15. I think my lack of confidence hurts my running sometimes.
  16. The running injury I am most terrified of is plantar fasciitis. It just seems near impossible to beat.
  17. I dislike every other form of cardio except running. This makes cross training a bear or a cross to bear if you will 😉
  18. I love to run in tight fitting clothing for comfort but it can make me self conscious.
  19. I didn’t start running until the age of 27.  I never exercised at all prior to that.
  20. I get extremely nervous before races and can’t seem to find a way to channel it in a positive way.
  21. I cannot run without music.
  22. I would love to find a running partner.
  23. I hate hill running even though I know it is a great way to improve.
  24. My # 1 running goal above all else is to stay healthy.
  25. My other running goal is to break 22 minutes for a 5k.

Tell me a few of your random running facts!!



One thought on “25 Random Running Facts

  1. 1. Do not like running in morning
    2. Will get restless if I go 72 hours without running.
    3. Prefer running on treadmill also
    4. Run nearly all runs including races and all training at same pace. Do not like changing pace, esp slowly pace because I feel “clunky” when doing so.
    5. Have been very fortunate to be injury free for the most part, but am starting to notice get more long duration pains that have required at home physical therapy.
    6. Nike Free 5.0 is the best treadmill running shoe ever but I would never attempt to run more than 30 feet on concrete with it.
    7. Corollary to 6. I need very cushioned shoes for racing or outdoor runs.
    8. I wish Nike did not change the design of the Nike Zoom Vomero from the 8.0 version (2013) to the current versions 9.0 and 10.0. I can’t pinpoint what changed, but it no longer fits my foot comfortably and I have had no luck with competing trainers from Asics, Saucony, etc.
    9. Believe my personality would change if running was taken away from me.


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