Go Run and Play

Happy to report I am FINALLY back to exercising 5 days a week.  Spent one of the 5 days doing 30 minutes stairclimber, 100 squats and some weights.  Woke up the next day sore which tells me I need to incorporate this workout into my regular routine.

I had a day off from work yesterday so I spent the day cleaning and  organizing.

My job requires me to be on my feet for the majority of the day.   I am in no way complaining, in fact,  I love this aspect of my career.The reason I mention it, though, is that I was amazed at the difference in my run yesterday.

I ran 6.50 miles and it just felt easier.  I guess I don’t realize how much being on my feet all day tires me out.

In other news, I have really been enjoying my December.  A group of us went to see the Nutcracker at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia and it did not disappoint!



See?!! It was amazing!

My dad used to take us to a local production in Wilmington (Hotel DuPont) when my sister and I were little  girls and I just love it. So, we are making it a yearly tradition.

What else?

Well, I have discovered a love for theater.  Who knew? I went to see West Side Story and had no idea how much I would enjoy it.  I had an opportunity to see Wicked and declined and now I am kicking myself.   I am currently making a bucket list of plays I want to see.  Next up is Gypsy.

Got to celebrate my nephew’s 9th birthday with him at Friendly’s.  While I am not a fan of the food I do love the ice cream….and the company.


Last night was dinner with friends- great food and great conversation.  We laughed, got a little serious, and laughed some more.

Tonight I am going to see a band play with my cousins and sister. This is much overdue and should be fun and eventful.

See, told you December has been a good month!





Upcoming Plans

So what’s the plan?

My plan moving forward is to run the Caesar Rodney Half on April 3, 2016.

I also plan to run a 5K in Chesapeake City on New Years day.

I realized over the last few weeks that I enjoy doing slow, long runs.  I have really enjoyed just being able to zone out and run almost effortlessly.  I used to do them regularly and would like to keep on doing them.  This should help to get me in “half marathon shape.”

Although, I realize that in order to hit the paces I want in April, I am going to have to do some real work.  I will actually have to run at goal pace for at least 12 miles in training to hope to be successful on race day.

I plan to work on my pace while remaining  injury free. As injury prone as I am, this will be no easy feat so I must be smart about my training.

April should give me plenty of time to safely bump up mileage and pace.  I will stick to the 10% rule and work up from there.

I need to commit to outside running.  I am so, so bad about it but I know it will be a game changer.

Then in the spring/summer I want to focus on running 5Ks.  As I said in my random running facts, I want to break 22 minutes.  I am putting it out there to keep myself accountable- I want to do this in 2016!!


The Results Are in…..

It wasn’t pretty, but I ran the Rehoboth Beach half marathon today in 1:58:40.

Here are the positives-

  • I did not have a single issue with my knee!!
  • The course is beautiful and so runnable
  • My friend ran a PR and so did I!
  • Perfect amount of water stops

The negatives (and there are only a few)

  • The parking
  • They ran out of running bags and running swag-sorry but I really hate that especially since I paid $140 for the race.

I plan to eliminate both these issues next year by staying in a hotel close by (night before race packet pick-up) and signing up right when registration opens. It will be much cheaper.

My only physical complaint were my calves. The left calf was worse than the right but very tight around mile 10 and still are! Going to foam roll.

I ran the race in 1:58:40.  Was I happy with that time? Honestly, even though I am just coming off an injury, I was hoping to be in the 1:48 to 1:50 range.

Initially, I was disappointed. However, I am working on this thing called happiness.  I should really be thrilled with the fact that I ran injury free and an under 2 hour half marathon.  So, I am. Simple as that!

Below are my splits and they are pretty telling.


As you can see, my pace was pretty good (for me) until mile 8 when the wheels fell off.   I signed up pretty late for this race and only had 3 weeks to complete long runs.  This data shows me that I can definitely improve. Look for an upcoming post where I talk about my upcoming plans to do just that.