Upcoming Plans

So what’s the plan?

My plan moving forward is to run the Caesar Rodney Half on April 3, 2016.

I also plan to run a 5K in Chesapeake City on New Years day.

I realized over the last few weeks that I enjoy doing slow, long runs.  I have really enjoyed just being able to zone out and run almost effortlessly.  I used to do them regularly and would like to keep on doing them.  This should help to get me in “half marathon shape.”

Although, I realize that in order to hit the paces I want in April, I am going to have to do some real work.  I will actually have to run at goal pace for at least 12 miles in training to hope to be successful on race day.

I plan to work on my pace while remaining  injury free. As injury prone as I am, this will be no easy feat so I must be smart about my training.

April should give me plenty of time to safely bump up mileage and pace.  I will stick to the 10% rule and work up from there.

I need to commit to outside running.  I am so, so bad about it but I know it will be a game changer.

Then in the spring/summer I want to focus on running 5Ks.  As I said in my random running facts, I want to break 22 minutes.  I am putting it out there to keep myself accountable- I want to do this in 2016!!


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