Dating and Physical Fitness

I date a very nice guy who also happens to be incredibly physically fit!

Here he is 😉

At the Chestertown 10 miler

He is a talented runner who not only runs fast, but far and often too. He is the type of guy who NEVER misses a workout!

Do I love and admire this about him?!! Absolutely.

Am I thrilled to have running and fitness in common with him? Of course, I mean there is SO much to talk about!

We can talk about all of our workout goals and he gives me great feedback.

However, as with most things, there is always a but isn’t there?

Most of the time I am up for my run but I also strength train on each of the days that I run. Herein lies my desire (especially lately) to just pack up and head home.

I won’t bore you with the probable cause of this new desire other than to say that a new piece of equipment has TAKEN OVER an entire room at the gym that I do my strength training in. Ugh!!

I love working out but I am the first to admit that I am guilty of letting certain things negatively affect my workout be it general moodiness, a bad day at work, lack of motivation, or a change in environment.

Cue the encouraging boyfriend who always responds to my desire to phone in a workout with, “just do a little bit and see how you feel.”  He is totally a glass half full type of guy which is awesome, but it can be challenging when I want to skip my workout.


In other news, I am still on the spinning/body pump kick.

Monday-6 miles

Tuesday-6.50 miles

Wednesday-Spin 45min followed by Body Pump

Thursday-6.25 miles


Sunday planning to take the HIIT class at the YMCA.

That will give me my 5 days/week and then I need to start incorporating some long runs in my life for my upcoming half in April.

Seemed like a good idea in December 😉







The Weekend

2 posts in one weekend! Who am I ?!!!

I have had a rather wonderful weekend.  As predicted I was able to clean at unscheduled intervals throughout the day which was amazing!  Most weekends I am trying to do a quick (but thorough) house cleaning before the busy weekend sets in. I cannot remember the last time I didn’t have at least one thing planned on a weekend in FOREVER!

So what else have I been up to?

I am currently reading two books. The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan (she also wrote, The Joy Luck Club, which I loved) and The Boys in the Boat.

I have also read blogs galore and I am pretty sure that all of this blog reading is the sole reason why I am dying to go to Whole Foods.  Like must go NOW!  I keep reading about their awesome hot bar and I want to try it so badly.   The closest one is 30 minutes away so it better be worth my while!

Yesterday, I almost convinced myself to go out an try and run in the snow!  The street I live on leads to a popular trail and I saw a guy running down street and was inspired……for all of 2 seconds.  Then I was all Yeah right that is not happening.

Shoveling.  Man, shoveling is hard work.  It gets your heart rate up so quickly; I felt like I was in a HIIT class.

All of the YMCAs in my area are closed so no gym for me today.

Last thing, I am thinking about signing up for a 25K trail race for next January.  It sounds like a lot of fun and a new way to challenge myself.  I have plenty of trails in my area so I would have no trouble preparing.  That is, of course, if I actually run outside once in a while rather than on the treadmill 🙂

The best part of this weekend is feeling like I have really reset for the coming week.

Hope you do too!






Blizzards and Body Pump

It’s been awhile since I have blogged, so I thought the blizzard of 2016 would be a great time to get back to this little blog of mine.

First and foremost, I am so looking forward to this weekend.  A weekend where I am forced to stay home is much needed and overdue .

Reading, catching up on the type of cleaning that I never seem to have the time to do (clorox cleanup to all my baseboards), organizing, and cooking are all on my agenda.

My running has been going well but this weight loss mission of mine…..ummm not so much.


This week also saw the return of two classes I haven’t done in FOREVER-spinning and bodypump!

The spinning class was only 45 minutes, so my friend and I decided to  follow it up with a body pump class.

I love body pump! I used light weights because I didn’t want to overdo it but even with light weights, my shoulders and triceps were burning!!!

The next day my legs didn’t feel sore so I thought my run would go okay.  Boy, was I wrong!  I was only able to run 3 miles and had to call it a day.  Those squats/lunges after spinning must have did me in.

This, naturally, but me in a not so great mood. It is so easy for me to get down on myself about working out.  I realize this does me absolutely no good but still cannot help it.  #positivity

I eventually shook it off and went out to a very nice dinner 🙂