Day In The Life Of A Running Couple

I just returned from a trip to San Francisco and it was amazing.  I may do a post on my trip just so I can look back on all of the things we did.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to do a blog post on a typical race day for Bill and I, being that we just ran one together.

Here we go-

6:30  Me-Alarms goes off. I get up, shower, tape knee, and head downstairs to have coffee and cereal.  Discover milk is bad so decide we will have to pick up bagels.


07:30 am-Bill– Wakes up, showers, and calmly prepares to leave.

Me- Runs around house like a spinning top gathering the 50 items that I require in order to run. #lowmaintenancegirl

0810- We leave the house, pick up bagels, and drive to race.

09:00-Me- Arrive at parking lot.  I change from shorts (I prefer to wear shorts) to capri pants due to wind and cold while continuing  to stress.

Bill- Calmly plays on phone and ignores me and my stressing.

09:15- We have about 15 minutes to start time and are parked right next to the YMCA.  Plan is to use the bathroom in the Y and get to start line a few blocks away.

09:18- Bill- Decides to return to car to get a sweatshirt while I give him the stink eye from the sidewalk as we are now cutting it extremely close to start time.

09:20-Me-Nag Bill the entire walk about how he needs to be more organized in planning his outfit choices.  He is too much of a gentleman to mention the fact that I completed my own outfit change in the car a mere 10 minutes ago.

09:26-Arrive at start line as National Anthem is being played. Quick port a potty stop for me. Briefly contemplate returning to the car and forgoing said race as the wind is ridiculous!

09:30- A quick kiss we are off!!

10:45- Bill finishes race waaaay before me and waits at the finish line for me in the freezing cold.

11:32-I finish the race.  We get some apples, clif bars, and juice, none of which I have the stomach to eat or drink at the moment.  Run into a couple of friends and then walk slowly back to the car and head home.

I love that we run together.  I love the shared camaraderie and that we can discuss every aspect of the race.  We do a mile by mile recap the entire way home. How we felt at each mile , which mile was the most challenging et cetera.  Plus, I sort of love having him at the finish line waiting for me!








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