Soul Cycle

How do I begin? As my trip to San Francisco drew closer, I knew there was something I had to try- Soul Cycle.

I know you may find my desire to attend a Soul Cycle class a little weird being that I was in SF  where the weather is ideal for outdoor exercise.  And, yes, I did do quite a bit of biking and running outdoors.

However, I don’t live in an area that offers Soul Cycle so I knew I had to put it on my must do list.

I booked a class for Wednesday.  Little did I know that we would be biking 16 miles up and down hills to the Golden Gate Bridge later that day.  Should’ve planned better.

So, onto the actual class.  I had a preconceived notion that it would just be a regular spinning class with some really great music. Little did I know that you have to spin while dancing to the beat. Ummm, what?!

I am all about dancing but on an actual dance floor, not on a spin bike. I can barely concentrate on pedaling fast (I always think I am so much slower than the people around me).  So, here I am trying to spin and, somewhat, bob to the music.

How did I do?

I looked and felt like a fool while the instructor looked amazing.  She was actually full on dancing on her bike. It was cool to see!

Now for the Pros and Cons

The Pros:  

The employees are wonderful.  Someone came right over to help me clip in as they give you spinning shoes to wear.  I have never clipped in but  I really liked it! I feel like I am able to pedal harder….or something.

The instructor was so motivating.  She was all, “YES, YOU CAN!!” which made me feel like, “Well, I guess I can!”

The music! It was so great and it got me spinning my heart out-even if it wasn’t to the beat!


The Cons:

$$$$- The class was $30 for the 1st class and $32 thereafter.  That is 1/2 of my monthly YMCA membership bill.  A membership that allows for unlimited spinning classes.

Trying to dance, lift weights (they have hand weights on the back of every bike) and do abs all while spinning was difficult.


However, I am happy that I did it! Especially walking in and seeing so many intimidating, beautiful people.  I’m not talking just some run of the mill pretty girls, I’m talking  girls rocking just sports bras and leggings and killing it! Come on! Really?!! And that can be a hard look to pull off.

I’m even looking into spinning shoes (loved that whole clipping in thing) but they are pricy for something I do once in a while.

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