What I Ate-Whole 30

I realize that there are a ton of Whole 30 recipes on pinterest  but I love reading a typical day from a person that is actively doing a certain diet.  This way I get a true picture of what to expect.

First, let it be known,  I am not a great cook.  I am not being self-deprecating.  It’s true.   I can throw together a quick meal but I don’t do fancy. This was one of my big concerns when considering Whole 30.

I hit the grocery store, list in hand, with no real agenda for meals.  Prior to starting, I had been eating hot sausage and snap peas for lunch every day so I stocked up on that.  I also grabbed a ton of fruits, vegetables, lean turkey and salmon.

Here is a typical day for me.

Breakfast- coffee with splash of unsweetened coconut milk.  I microwaved a sweet potato for 4 min to soften it up a bit and then cubed it.  Next, I cooked it in a skillet with some coconut oil. After it cooked for awhile, I fried 2 eggs over medium in the same skillet.   The combo of dippy eggs and sweet potato was amazing! Didn’t even miss the toast.

Had a early afternoon snack of watermelon.

Lunch-I cooked some fresh spinach in a tiny bit of coconut oil and added some grilled chicken and red/yellow peppers to the pan.  This wasn’t my favorite meal.  I was not crazy about the spinach but it did the job.

After a trip to the farmers market I had an apple with some almond butter.

Dinner- 1/2 filet of grilled salmon and 7 medium grilled shrimp.  I also fried some plantains in (you guessed it) coconut oil.

Now I am snacking on some honeydew melon and a few grapes.

Later I will have a cup of peppermint tea with nothing in it.

All in all, I am excited that I have tried/cooked some new things.  I have always wanted to try plantains and now I can say I have.

****After reading the forum, I realized I am not supposed to be snacking throughout the day but I am going to eat when I am hungry.  Take that Whole 30!





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