I Cheated!

Well, I finally broke! I attended an O’s game a couple of  Saturday’s ago and was dying to have a mango-rita….so I did!

That was day 21 and I figured I would just hop back on the train- no harm no foul.

Wrong!  That mango-rita was a gateway drug let me tell you 😉

I am a creature of habit. Every single Sunday I eat at a Korean BBQ restaurant. The dish I get is easily my favorite meal.   I haven’t been able to have it because of the MSG and sugar in the sauce (It’s a sweet and spicy chicken dish).

So after Saturday’s cheat drink, I decided to eat my favorite meal at the BBQ and from there it was a slippery slope.

At Day 21 I had lost 3 lbs.  3 measly little pounds.  For all of the restrictions, it just didn’t feel worth it to me.

So, what did I do? Went on a total binge, that’s what.  I have since gained the 3 lbs back but have gotten myself under control.

I am now doing a calorie counter and this seems to be reigning me in.

My final thoughts about Whole 30 are:

1. I will never again restrict certain foods completely.  I became so consumed with my end date so I could have SUGAR!!

2. It is a great tool for people with food intolerances.  I am fortunate enough to be able to eat pretty much anything without issues so this diet is just not for me.