40 While 40

I am sure you have all seen lists that people compile before a milestone birthday. Well,  I am not sure how in the heck this happened but I turned 40 today! Yikes!!



Anyway, at the Rehoboth half, I was running behind a girl wearing a 30 before 30 shirt. I’m sure you have seen this before.  Her shirt listed 30 things she wanted to do before turning 30.

I decided, “Hey, I want to jump on that bandwagon too”!

So I started a list and man do I love a list. But, I realized that 40 things before 40 was A LOT of things to come up, let alone accomplish.  So, I settled on 40 things during the year I am 40!  Some of the things are really quite silly but it’s my list 😉

  1. Run a sub 22 minute 5k. My current PR is 23:34. Not even a little bit close.
  2. Read Little Women– just downloaded it.  Not loving it but going to try and keep on reading.
  3. Go hiking-Accomplished! Hiked in Acadia National Park in Maine
  4. Try stand up paddle boarding
  5. Celebrate my 40th somewhere other than Delaware. Thinking Vegas! Yup, celebrated it in Vegas.
  6. Take a trip to Gettysburg- Going for Halloween weekend!
  7. Be able to do more than one pull up.
  8. Attend a November Project work out.
  9. Attend a play-Saw 2 this year and loved them. Hoping to see Book of Mormon.
  10. Improve my softball fielding skills-been working on it!
  11. Go to a day spa- 
  12. Volunteer at a race.
  13. Do more things with my nephew-He is almost 10 and I don’t want to miss out on spending time with him.
  14. Go white water rafting.
  15. Stop stressing so much-I find that I am always stressing something be it-work, my running, or some other nonsense.  It is just not healthy!
  16. Improve my self confidence.
  17. Plan a trip outside of the country.
  18. Improve my back issues.
  19. Do more yoga-see above.
  20. Learn to let go of negative feelings.
  21. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast.
  22. Improve my geography skills.
  23. Stop with all the sugar- Total work in progress
  24. Try to complain less-Negativity begets negativity.
  25. Grow in my profession-I’m not talking about a change; I just think in my profession you need to constantly strive for growth and improvement.
  26. Save more money-this will always be a goal.
  27. Pay my car off-I have never been without a car payment.
  28. Learn to love the holidays-I could write a whole post on the reasons for this, but my lack of enthusiasm affects others so I will try!
  29. Cook at home more often.
  30. Attend a comedy show.
  31. Do some redecorating.
  32. Re-do flower beds in front of house.
  33. Drink more water.
  34. Learn to speak Spanish.
  35. Take more pictures and not worry about how I look in them.
  36. Talk less and listen more.
  37. Buy a sectional- this better have happened when I look back next year.
  38. Complete a running program.
  39. PR a half marathon.
  40. Reduce all or nothing thinking.

I can’t wait to look back on this a year from now and see how I did!!