My Indoor vs. Outdoor Times

I do almost all of my running on the treadmill.  Unlike most runners, I enjoy running on the treadmill.  Plus I am much faster on the treadmill- like 50 sec/mile faster- than when I run outside.

I realize that with the treadmill I am not getting elevation changes  or wind resistance but I am still frustrated with how much slower I run outside.

For example, I ran 4.10 miles today through Newark and my pace was 8:51/mile.  After the 1st mile, I felt like I was working so hard! This pace on the treadmill would be an easy one for me.

Of course, everyone knows that running outside is more challenging than indoors but I have one big issue with this theory-Bill.

Bill runs the same exact paces inside and outside.  Seriously! He says that it is because he has a good feel for his pace.

For example, 2 weeks ago I ran 13.1 miles in 1 hour: 47minutes: 40 sec which works out to an 8:11 pace.

The very next week, I ran the Rocky Run 10 miler in 1:29min and change. This works out to be an 8:58/pace.

I am running the Rehoboth Half Marathon  on December 3, 2016. My plan going into my training was to run outside more often. Which I did. I ran weekly on trails with two friends. They were slow, long runs anywhere from 7-12 miles. Then I developed metatarsalgia in one of my toes on my left foot.

It’s always something, right?!!

In order to make it to race day healthy, I had it injected, took two days off,  and have stuck to the treadmill for the majority of my runs.
Which has worked. Thank goodness.  We will just have to see how race day goes.  I am hoping for a PR.

I have run this half twice before.  The first time I ran it as a training run for my marathon.  The second time is my current PR of  1:58:40 and I was under trained.   I am hoping for a much better time.