Injuries and Improvements

It’s been awhile but I am happy to say that physical therapy has worked to help my back pain!!

I attribute the improvement to 2 things:

  1. PT
  2. Yoga

I have been going to Yoga (Stationary Sequence-focuses more on super slow movements and holding of postures and stretching) at least 1-2/wk for about 5 weeks now. I love it!!

In my opinion, both yoga and PT, have been instrumental in helping my back pain.  I no longer have pain down my leg.  At its worst, I could not sit on the couch in the evenings (I stand all day at work) without pain running down my leg.

Thankfully through all of this, I have been able to run.  As I said, standing does not elicit symptoms so I was able to run my usual mileage.

As for running, last week was amazing.  I did quite a bit of outdoor running with Bill and it was so much fun.   I live in a college town so we have to run through town at some point-the people watching is so great!

I ended up running 6 days last week.  I haven’t run that many days in a row in a long time.

So what body parts are bugging me?

You knew it was coming.  My foot is still giving me a bit of trouble and ever since I ran a 15 mile trail race in January I am also having some hip flexor soreness.  I am running outside in Hokas which have helped.  I also have inserts from my podiatrist for my Nike frees.

What else is new?

I signed up for a 5k running series that begins in May.  I want to PR the 5k.  My current PR is 23:34.  I hope my hip settles down so I can get some quality speed work in- right now I am shooting for once a week.

I am back on the strength training bandwagon.  While I love body pump, and think it is an amazing workout, I thought it might be aggravating my back so I stopped going.

Moving forward, I am focusing on exercises using my own bodyweight-lots of pushups, planks, bridges.  I also do my PT exercises- prone press ups and clamshells.