Marriage and Half Marathon Training

I got a notice for an auto renewal for my blog domain and thought, “Hey I’m paying for this blog maybe I should write a post.

It has been a minute since my last one and guess what?!

I got married on July 15th!!

I just adore the way he is smiling at me!!



I planned the wedding in 4 months.  I didn’t want to wait an entire year.  It was just the best, best day!  So much fun and the weather was perfect (82 degrees in July!)

Here is another one I love-


As far as my running, things have been just okay.  My goal up to my wedding was simple- STAY HEALTHY! I didn’t not want to risk an injury and not be able to run.  Being active on a daily basis is so much more important to me than race results.

That being said,  I did do a 5K summer series with a group of friends.  While my results were sub par, the fun was not.  It was the same race route for 5 weeks straight and ended with food and drinks.  What’s not to like?

For now, I have to face the fact that I am just not as fast as I once was.   And that is just fine.   I have been much slower than I am now but I ran higher mileage.  I have also been significantly faster than I am now.

I think a good goal for the time being is to stay consistent and slowly increase (10% rule) my weekly mileage.  I have a half marathon in Bar Harbor, Maine on October 15th.  It runs through Acadia National Park and is a bucket list half for sure!  I ran 8 miles today to start out my weekly long runs and my foot only bothered me a tiny bit.