The Race Recap(s)

I never got around to writing the Mt. Desert Island Half Marathon recap and in the interim I ran another half marathon, the Rehoboth Beach Seashore Half.   I thought I would just recap them both now.

Mt. Desert Island (MDI) Half Marathon- Bar Harbor, ME

I picked this race for two reasons: I love Maine and the MDI marathon is touted as one of the most scenic races in the U.S.

As evidenced below, I would say it did not disappoint.  IMG_4647

We were bussed to the start with plenty of time to use the bathroom and check our bags. Everything was going so smoothly until the moment I realized that I would not be able to listen to my music on my phone.  And I NEED music!   The day before the race I had bought a new iPhone 8.  Right before the start I realized my headphones weren’t compatible with my new phone and I didn’t bring the adapter. Thankfully my SIL (so nice of her) switched phones with me since she and my BIL run the race together without music.

Crisis averted and we were off.

Miles 1-5

Right away the course had a lot of rolling hills.  I just rolled with it (see what I did there?) since I actually don’t mind rolling hills.  I was also so excited for these views-


Mile 6-10

This was when the real fun started.  At about mile 6.5, I came to a pretty big hill and thought, “ok, I am not trained for hills this big but just get up it.” So I did.  Until the moment I realized that these hills were going to just keep coming.    I managed to keep this up until Mile 9.  Now let me say, I NEVER walk in races.  I may be slow but walking is usually not an option.  At mile 9, I was trudging up a long climb and was going so slow I thought, “I would probably walk faster than I am running,” so I walked.

Mile 11-13.1

I continued to run the flats and walk most of the hills.  My hip flexor was giving me a little trouble but I kept moving using the impending rain as my motivation.  At Mile 13, Bill appeared and we chatted as I approached the finish line.  He later told me, “Yeah you looked way too good at the finish, you could’ve pushed more.”  I usually come in looking like death so I am sure he was right, I could’ve given more.  I just didn’t want to! My finish time was 2:08:20 which is my slowest half marathon finish to date but I wasn’t the least bit upset.  I thoroughly enjoyed the journey on this one!

Rehoboth Beach Seashore Half Marathon- December 2, 2017

This was my fourth time running this race.  I just love everything about it, especially the terrain with an almost even breakdown of half road and half trail.  The weather was perfect and I hoped to run it under 2 hours.

Miles 1-6

I felt good at the start of the race but wanted to run the first few miles conservatively. There are no corrals for this race so I jumped in where I could.  This was not my smartest move, because I started to get passed by A LOT of people.  Normally this doesn’t bother me but it felt like waves of people were passing me.  I just kept repeating my running mantra, “Run your own race,” to myself over and over so I wouldn’t be tempted to try and keep up.  I was ahead of the 2 hour pacer at our first turn ahead which made me hopeful.

Around mile 5, the 2 hour pacer passed me.  I tried to stay with the group but it felt hard.  I thought mile 5 was too early for it to feel THAT hard, so I let him go.  I figured I could make up time on the trail section.

Miles 6-11

We entered my favorite part of the race, the Breakwater Trail, at about mile 7 (I think).  I was running comfortably hard which I was satisfied with and thought I could pick it after the turn around (mile 9).



Miles 10 & 11 were my slowest of the day as I began to tire.

Miles 11-13.1

At Mile 11 you exit the trail.  It was at this point that I finally started to pick it up.  I am happy to say I was able to do that and to finish strong.  I came across the finish line in 2:01:30.  It was a personal worst for this race (I have run them all just under 2 hours) but again, I enjoyed running it.  With the exclusion of these two races, I have not enjoyed racing in a long time.  At some point, I am hating life, beating myself up and asking myself, “Why did you sign up for this race?”

I refuse to do this any longer.  I have a plan to prevent running anymore “hating life” races that I will talk about soon!



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