My New Motto

As the season changed and temperatures dropped, I made a conscious decision to “embrace the cold.”    I was even insufferable enough to call it my new motto.  I am/was sick of spending every winter miserable about the cold and  I really enjoyed running outside this fall and wanted to continue to do so, weather permitting.   This decision was made before the recent cold front with temps in the teens.

Well, I am glad that I told everyone about my new cold “motto” though, because they have definitely been reminding me of it and holding me to it 🙂

Which brings me to my most recent race, the Phunt 25k Trail race.  It was 20 degrees!!

If it wasn’t for this new motto of mine, coupled with a pact/resolution  that Bill and I had made for 2018, I am not sure I would have made it to the start line.  Bill and I are guilty of signing up for races and then backing out at the last minute. Egregious waste of money!  So we made a pact to run any race we sign up for in 2018, excluding injury.

The race started at 9am and it was windy and cold.  We all took shelter in the hall prior to the start and were reluctant to head outside.  However, once we started running it wasn’t that bad.

They changed the course the night before due to icy and muddy conditions.  It changed from mostly trail to open fields and gravel roads.  There was still quite a bit of climbing (and mud), IMO.  My marathon training plan only called for a 9 mile long run so I decided early on to walk most of the hills to keep it easy.  We ended up running 16.89 miles, so I figured with the added mileage this was perfectly acceptable.

My marathon training has been going well.  Two weeks ago, I had 2 neuromas on my left foot sclerosed.  Shockwave was not helping and, after 4 treatments with no relief, I was impatient.  I mean, I have a marathon to run!  The injection itself did not hurt but it has been SORE.  The day after it was injected I was almost limping at work.  I will have 5 or 6 treatments about 10 days apart.  Fingers crossed!

Thankfully, I am able to still train and I have not missed a run!! I just rescheduled my running the week of the injection but was still able to get them in.

Today, I am scheduled to run 12 miles.  It is currently 22 degrees outside so I am headed to the treadmill to get it done.