Neuroma Surgery- 9 Weeks Out

It has been 9 very long weeks since I had surgery to remove the neuroma from my left foot.  

How did the surgery go?

The bottom line is that I am still having quite a bit of pain in the foot which is not great news.  This also means I am not running.

Prior to the surgery, I was not having constant pain in the foot the way I am now.  It really only gave me trouble with running (usually longer than 3 miles) as well as prolonged standing.

So this is a bummer.  However, I am trying my very best to be optimistic.

I am in physical therapy and trying not to think about the worst case scenario.  

What would be the worst case scenario?

 A stump neuroma which occurs in about 35% of these surgeries.  This could require additional treatment/surgery.

The good news-

I am able to stand on my feet at work all day (which at one point I was scared I wouldn’t be able to do) with a lot of discomfort, but not terrible pain.  Let me tell you, nothing will make you appreciate your job more than fearing you won’t be able to return to it.

I am able to go for walks, spin, and do weights.  

The bad news-

I have no idea when, and if, this foot is going to get better.  My doctor says it could take 9 months!

 I can’t run and no matter how much I tell myself that cross training is good for me, running is my true love.  

So, this is where I am for now.  I am hoping that I will continue to see gradual improvements and eventually the foot will just get better on its own.  If I continue to see no real improvement, I plan to seek treatment at the Morton’s Neuroma Institute in Massachusetts.  I plan to go there before considering a second surgery which could also be unsuccessful.