Check In Time

Time for another update on the foot.

I have had an MRI of my foot which did not really show much of anything at all. There is no stump neuroma, just some edema (swelling) on the top of the foot, which is the scar tissue. My Dr. does think it’s the scar tissue that is causing all of the issues with my foot.

I saw my Dr. again to discuss results and he recommended I have K-laser (a new modality that is supposed to speed up healing) which was $550.00 out of pocket for 6 treatments. I was all “Sign me up! I will do anything at this point.” While initially I thought it might helping, it (unfortunately) yielded no real improvement.

For his next bag of tricks, he injected my foot with cortisone in two spots. I am happy to say it has helped and has allowed me to run!!!!! I was able to run 3 times last week and I have already run twice this week. I am not sure if this is short lived, but I am thrilled for now.

Yesterday I ran my longest distance since February- 5.25 miles!! The foot is a little sore today but not too bad at all. I ran and did some weights after and I felt more like myself than I have in a very long time. I can’t explain they way running makes me feel, it’s just an indescribable feeling. Endorphins man, they are real.

I also broke down and bought the Peloton bike. Spinning has really been a life saver for me since I haven’t been able to run. Plus, I know I need to continue to do both- they work different muscle groups, my foot can’t handle straight running, and I have really grown to love spinning.

Anyway, one of the main reasons I decided to buy the Peloton is that I find the times of the spin classes at the YMCA challenging. AM classes are tough because I can do it, but I am down to the minute to shower and make it to work on time and kinda hate starting my day out like that. I work at 0700 or 0730 am most days. The PM classes are late in the evening and the weekends don’t offer a lot of options. I thought the peloton would be a perfect fit as they offer live and on demand classes and a variety of instructors. I can’t wait till it comes!

For now, the foot is coming along. I am happy to be able to work out 5 days a week.