I am an injury prone runner.

I feel like there should be some sort of support group out there for those of us who are constantly battling some type of injury.

I say this with total sincerity.

Anyway, after my recent surgery and return to running, I somewhat prematurely signed up for a half marathon. Blame wine 🙂 I knew the only way to get through it would be to find a good physical therapist. So, I found one.

And discovered another sad truth about myself.

I am weak.

He devised a PT program for me that revealed just how badly I needed strength training in my life. Every week I would have some tweak and he would fix it with one exercise or another, whereas I would normally just rest it. I knew this was the key if I want to continue running.

I have a friend who does Crossfit and after asking her a little bit about the workouts, I thought it might just be the answer.

So, I contacted a local Crossfit gym.

The owner was so warm and welcoming when we met to discuss my goals. The next thing I knew I was signed up for 10 weeks and this included a nutrition challenge as well. I thought, “Well, here goes nothing.”

I had to do 3 intro classes with him and I could not believe how much these sessions kicked my butt. You think you are in shape until you realize you are not!

Weightlifting has been quite challenging for me. Again, I am weak. I just know this means I have to keep doing it.

I am in my 8th week and I am happy to say that I have given myself so much grace. I just keep telling myself- “Remember when you started running and you couldn’t even run for 5 minutes straight? or another one of my favorites, “Just embrace the suck and be ok with being bad before you get better.”

The days I do crossfit also allow my foot a bit more rest than the normal pounding of running.

Right now I am shooting for 2-3 days a week for Crossfit and 3-4 for running.

Year in Running 2019

I spent most of January and the beginning of February just enjoying running. I made this a priority because I decided to have Morton’s neuroma surgery after dealing with it for 6 years.

I really wanted to do more marathons, specifically the Baltimore marathon. I thought this surgery would be the key to accomplishing that goal.

So, on February 8th, I had the surgery.

Typical recovery time is 4 weeks or so. Unfortunately, I had a much longer and more difficult recovery. I had a ton of discomfort in the foot and scar tissue at the incision site.

As a result of this, it would be 3 and a half months before I would run a step and 5 months before I did it with any real consistency.

This time off did have a few positives, though I certainly didn’t see it at the time. The one exercise I could do with minimal discomfort was spinning. This ultimately led to me purchasing the peloton.

I credit the peloton with saving me during this dark time. It wasn’t running, but it is such a great workout. It kicks your butt in much the same way as running.

My first run back was a 5k. I just thought- go for it, see how this darn foot is gonna hold up. I was able to slowly run the entire thing.

From there, this return to running has been a work in progress. I have lost all of my speed (Happy to be running is my new mantra).

This post operative foot has been a challenge to say the least. I still have pain at the neuroma site that has led to some compensatory pain in my big toe which has required cortisone injections. Going in, I knew neuroma surgery has only a 65% success rate, I just hoped I’d be in the 65%.

It could be so much worse. Thankfully all of this manageable if you want to run badly enough and that’s what I want.

I made a gradual return to running with the help of an amazing physical therapist. I had so much initial pain in the foot, it hurt to even walk on it. That led to a huge loss strength in my left leg. So he helped a ton with this.

I was able to train for and run the Rehoboth half on December 7,2019.

It was my slowest one yet (2:05:44) but I was thrilled to complete the race. I didn’t think I would ever be able to run a half again.

So, to wrap up, I am heading into 2020 running three days a week, signed up for quite a few races, (including another half) and hanging my hat on what all us injured runners do….. hope.