Run 4 Love 4 Miler

The title should actually be…”I ran a race that I am actually happy with,” but that seemed a little long.

Anyway, I ran the Run 4 Love 4 miler last week. I have never ran a 4 mile race before.

I wasn’t sure what finish time to expect. I am currently training for a half marathon so I have been doing a long run each week and still working on gaining my running fitness back from last year.

I have been making slow progress with this. But, progress is progress.

In December, I ran a better than anticipated time at the Rehoboth half marathon after coming back to running after a 4 1/2 month hiatus due to surgery. After that, I just committed to building up my mileage and hoped the pace would drop down eventually.

I was hoping to be under 9/mile for this race because last weekend my longish run was 9:20 pace for almost 9 miles. Based on that, I predicted I could probably run about 30 seconds faster per mile for an 8:50/mile pace.

Well, I finished in 33:15 for a 8:19 pace. I was both surprised and pleased. I don’t look at my watch AT ALL during races. I know, I’m weird. I just feel like it will do one of two things- deflate me or psych me out and either way I don’t need that! So I just run on feel.

I was working hard, especially the last mile but I would’ve have said I was running more of that predicted 8:50 pace then in the low 8’s.

My first thought (what an optimist I am) was, “Was this a fluke?” But I have been doing some speed work and Crossfit really provides that HIIT training, so maybe the combination is working.

My next race is a the Caesar Rodney half on March 22nd,2020. I signed up to run because it’s my husband’s favorite race but I also am running a 5 mile race the following week. I hope these two races aren’t too close together.