The Loooong Road to Maine

I usually keep a written journal of all of our trips.  I forgot to bring it on this trip so I thought I would just blog about it instead.

We left our house around 9:30 am on Friday for Bar Harbor, Maine.

We stopped for breakfast early on and had our 1st mishap! Bill’s phone was found floating (yes, floating) in my coffee cup.  Needless to say, it still won’t turn on.

Our plan was to stop in Portsmouth, NH for the night.  We stopped for lunch at a Smashburger (SO GOOD) in Wallingsford, CT and a Verizon store just happened to be right next door.

3 hours and 2 new iPhones (8s) later, we still had quite a bit of driving to do.  We arrived at our hotel in Portsmouth, NH at about 9pm.  Bill’s wonderful mother was nice enough to stay with our Boston Terrier, Gracie while we grabbed dinner at Longhorn.

The next morning (Bill’s birthday!!!) Bill, my mother-in-law, uncle and I had breakfast at a local coffee shop and spent some time exploring Portsmouth.  I thought it was just the cutest town and would’ve liked to stay and explore a little more but we had to be at bib pick-up by 5pm in Bar Harbor.

We arrived in Bar Harbor, ME at 4 and picked up our race bibs for the Mt. Desert Island Half Marathon. As we headed to our VRBO house, we spotted my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, also coming from the race expo.  We chatted for a few minutes and planned to meet at our house a little later.

We settled into the house (which is amazing) and headed out to have dinner at an Italian restaurant which is Bill’s favorite.

Home to have cake and ice cream, open presents, and prepare for race day!

Tomorrow I will do a race recap!!



Marriage and Half Marathon Training

I got a notice for an auto renewal for my blog domain and thought, “Hey I’m paying for this blog maybe I should write a post.

It has been a minute since my last one and guess what?!

I got married on July 15th!!

I just adore the way he is smiling at me!!



I planned the wedding in 4 months.  I didn’t want to wait an entire year.  It was just the best, best day!  So much fun and the weather was perfect (82 degrees in July!)

Here is another one I love-


As far as my running, things have been just okay.  My goal up to my wedding was simple- STAY HEALTHY! I didn’t not want to risk an injury and not be able to run.  Being active on a daily basis is so much more important to me than race results.

That being said,  I did do a 5K summer series with a group of friends.  While my results were sub par, the fun was not.  It was the same race route for 5 weeks straight and ended with food and drinks.  What’s not to like?

For now, I have to face the fact that I am just not as fast as I once was.   And that is just fine.   I have been much slower than I am now but I ran higher mileage.  I have also been significantly faster than I am now.

I think a good goal for the time being is to stay consistent and slowly increase (10% rule) my weekly mileage.  I have a half marathon in Bar Harbor, Maine on October 15th.  It runs through Acadia National Park and is a bucket list half for sure!  I ran 8 miles today to start out my weekly long runs and my foot only bothered me a tiny bit.



Injuries and Improvements

It’s been awhile but I am happy to say that physical therapy has worked to help my back pain!!

I attribute the improvement to 2 things:

  1. PT
  2. Yoga

I have been going to Yoga (Stationary Sequence-focuses more on super slow movements and holding of postures and stretching) at least 1-2/wk for about 5 weeks now. I love it!!

In my opinion, both yoga and PT, have been instrumental in helping my back pain.  I no longer have pain down my leg.  At its worst, I could not sit on the couch in the evenings (I stand all day at work) without pain running down my leg.

Thankfully through all of this, I have been able to run.  As I said, standing does not elicit symptoms so I was able to run my usual mileage.

As for running, last week was amazing.  I did quite a bit of outdoor running with Bill and it was so much fun.   I live in a college town so we have to run through town at some point-the people watching is so great!

I ended up running 6 days last week.  I haven’t run that many days in a row in a long time.

So what body parts are bugging me?

You knew it was coming.  My foot is still giving me a bit of trouble and ever since I ran a 15 mile trail race in January I am also having some hip flexor soreness.  I am running outside in Hokas which have helped.  I also have inserts from my podiatrist for my Nike frees.

What else is new?

I signed up for a 5k running series that begins in May.  I want to PR the 5k.  My current PR is 23:34.  I hope my hip settles down so I can get some quality speed work in- right now I am shooting for once a week.

I am back on the strength training bandwagon.  While I love body pump, and think it is an amazing workout, I thought it might be aggravating my back so I stopped going.

Moving forward, I am focusing on exercises using my own bodyweight-lots of pushups, planks, bridges.  I also do my PT exercises- prone press ups and clamshells.


Back Pain and Running

So, I’m really starting the year off right.  Today, I had not one, but two root canals (bumped my front tooth a few years ago and it cause the root to die) and found out that my bulging L4 L5 disc is, in fact, herniated.  As you can imagine, it has been a stellar day.

I am a nurse and have had trouble with my back for about 8 years now.  I had 2 successful spinal injections about 6 years ago.  The back pain came back with a vengeance about a year ago.  Two follow-up injections were unsuccessful and  has led me to see a neurosurgeon.

What does all this have to do with running? Well, innumerable  people have blamed my back pain on my running (one person also blamed it on my breast augmentation).  I  disagreed but didn’t have an expert opinion to back me up.  Until today!!!

I very casually asked my Dr. if I could continue running (while holding my breath and praying)  and if he thought my back pain was caused by running.  To which he responded, “If you didn’t run, then you’d be fat and your back would hurt anyway.”   I will say it got a little awkward after that when, after just meeting him, I told him I wanted to kiss him.

I have never tried a PT program for my back issues so he would like me to do PT for at least a month to see if there is any improvement.  If not, he recommends a microdiscectomy.

I am both apprehensive and relieved.  My back pain is quite bad at times and now I know why.  However, the unsolicited advice I was given regarding my back problems was nothing short of astounding.  I was really made to feel like if I couldn’t walk, then there really wasn’t a problem with my back.  One co-worker (who is lucky enough to have no aches or pains) said, “People should expect to have pain.” Ummm what?! Yes, there are times (ie. childbirth, surgery etc.) when one should expect a reasonable amount of pain.  However, pain day in and day out is wearing and not “to be expected.”

On a positive note, all this back pain has really made me a more empathetic nurse and person.   So now more than ever, when someone is in pain, I stop and sincerely express  how sorry I am that they are hurting.  And then I try my best to do something about it. For what its worth.

Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon Recap

Well I thought this recap would go differently but what can you do?

We left Friday night and headed to Rehoboth. Our hotel had an ocean view and was super close to the start. What more could you want?

We quickly dropped our stuff off at the hotel and headed over to pick up our packets. Ran into 2 friends- one running the half, the other running the full.  Made plans for the am.

They had the Hoka Clifton 3s there with sample sizes. I tried them on and I instantly loved the feel.  I bought a pair and am hopeful they will work for me! I usually run in Mizunos outside, but they recently changed their model and they no longer work for me.

Meanwhile, Bill walked over to Dogfish Head to put our name in for a table.  It was about an hour wait so we just walked up and down Rehoboth Avenue. It was great to just go for a  leisurely stroll without the usual bustle of the summer crowds. Plus all of the Christmas lights were so pretty.

We had a great time at dinner and headed back to get some rest.

In the morning- I got up, showered, had my usual oatmeal with a scoop of chunky pb, and watched the sunrise until it was time for Bill, Megan and I to leave for the race.

The race went off and  I felt okay but after about two minutes of running, I felt like I had to go to the bathroom. This has NEVER happened to be during a race.  I wasn’t sure what to do so I just kept running and I was ok from Mile 1-5.

A large portion of the race is on the Breakwater trail. I didn’t check to see where port a potties would be (b/c I never need them 😩) and wasn’t sure if they would be in the trail section. It was at this point (mile 6) that I knew I had to stop.

I stopped and as a result, lost 2 minutes. As I came out of the bathroom, the first thing I see is the 2:00 pacer.  I was so disappointed. I knew I didn’t start the race right on time so I was a little ahead of them but I was hoping to be way ahead.

Which I was prior to said bathroom stop.

From there the race went totally awry. I think I just mentally gave up. I was so stuck on the fact that I made a stop and couldn’t make up the time. Plus my stomach was nowhere near 100%. I still felt the urge to go which persisted throughout the race. Fun/Gross fact- I also almost didn’t make it back to our hotel after the race.

My pace drifted up into the 9s and my bathroom stop was a 1010 mile.

I finished in 1:59:18. Needless to say, the race wasn’t what I had hoped it would be but so what?

I’m focusing on the positives for once because, although, I didn’t have a great race, Bill did!! He ran a 1:38 even with calf cramping issues.

My friend Megan finished her 1st marathon and we got to be there to cheer her in!! I love cheering for peeps it’s the most fun.

And I would’ve had a PR if not for that stop, so I count that a success.

My Indoor vs. Outdoor Times

I do almost all of my running on the treadmill.  Unlike most runners, I enjoy running on the treadmill.  Plus I am much faster on the treadmill- like 50 sec/mile faster- than when I run outside.

I realize that with the treadmill I am not getting elevation changes  or wind resistance but I am still frustrated with how much slower I run outside.

For example, I ran 4.10 miles today through Newark and my pace was 8:51/mile.  After the 1st mile, I felt like I was working so hard! This pace on the treadmill would be an easy one for me.

Of course, everyone knows that running outside is more challenging than indoors but I have one big issue with this theory-Bill.

Bill runs the same exact paces inside and outside.  Seriously! He says that it is because he has a good feel for his pace.

For example, 2 weeks ago I ran 13.1 miles in 1 hour: 47minutes: 40 sec which works out to an 8:11 pace.

The very next week, I ran the Rocky Run 10 miler in 1:29min and change. This works out to be an 8:58/pace.

I am running the Rehoboth Half Marathon  on December 3, 2016. My plan going into my training was to run outside more often. Which I did. I ran weekly on trails with two friends. They were slow, long runs anywhere from 7-12 miles. Then I developed metatarsalgia in one of my toes on my left foot.

It’s always something, right?!!

In order to make it to race day healthy, I had it injected, took two days off,  and have stuck to the treadmill for the majority of my runs.
Which has worked. Thank goodness.  We will just have to see how race day goes.  I am hoping for a PR.

I have run this half twice before.  The first time I ran it as a training run for my marathon.  The second time is my current PR of  1:58:40 and I was under trained.   I am hoping for a much better time.

40 While 40

I am sure you have all seen lists that people compile before a milestone birthday. Well,  I am not sure how in the heck this happened but I turned 40 today! Yikes!!



Anyway, at the Rehoboth half, I was running behind a girl wearing a 30 before 30 shirt. I’m sure you have seen this before.  Her shirt listed 30 things she wanted to do before turning 30.

I decided, “Hey, I want to jump on that bandwagon too”!

So I started a list and man do I love a list. But, I realized that 40 things before 40 was A LOT of things to come up, let alone accomplish.  So, I settled on 40 things during the year I am 40!  Some of the things are really quite silly but it’s my list 😉

  1. Run a sub 22 minute 5k. My current PR is 23:34. Not even a little bit close.
  2. Read Little Women– just downloaded it.  Not loving it but going to try and keep on reading.
  3. Go hiking-Accomplished! Hiked in Acadia National Park in Maine
  4. Try stand up paddle boarding
  5. Celebrate my 40th somewhere other than Delaware. Thinking Vegas! Yup, celebrated it in Vegas.
  6. Take a trip to Gettysburg- Going for Halloween weekend!
  7. Be able to do more than one pull up.
  8. Attend a November Project work out.
  9. Attend a play-Saw 2 this year and loved them. Hoping to see Book of Mormon.
  10. Improve my softball fielding skills-been working on it!
  11. Go to a day spa- 
  12. Volunteer at a race.
  13. Do more things with my nephew-He is almost 10 and I don’t want to miss out on spending time with him.
  14. Go white water rafting.
  15. Stop stressing so much-I find that I am always stressing something be it-work, my running, or some other nonsense.  It is just not healthy!
  16. Improve my self confidence.
  17. Plan a trip outside of the country.
  18. Improve my back issues.
  19. Do more yoga-see above.
  20. Learn to let go of negative feelings.
  21. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast.
  22. Improve my geography skills.
  23. Stop with all the sugar- Total work in progress
  24. Try to complain less-Negativity begets negativity.
  25. Grow in my profession-I’m not talking about a change; I just think in my profession you need to constantly strive for growth and improvement.
  26. Save more money-this will always be a goal.
  27. Pay my car off-I have never been without a car payment.
  28. Learn to love the holidays-I could write a whole post on the reasons for this, but my lack of enthusiasm affects others so I will try!
  29. Cook at home more often.
  30. Attend a comedy show.
  31. Do some redecorating.
  32. Re-do flower beds in front of house.
  33. Drink more water.
  34. Learn to speak Spanish.
  35. Take more pictures and not worry about how I look in them.
  36. Talk less and listen more.
  37. Buy a sectional- this better have happened when I look back next year.
  38. Complete a running program.
  39. PR a half marathon.
  40. Reduce all or nothing thinking.

I can’t wait to look back on this a year from now and see how I did!!