The 50 Books of 2018

I set a goal to read 50 books in 2018. I honestly didn’t give this goal it’s due and even started it late, (sometime in mid January) thinking I’d just catch up. ūüėāūüėāūüėāūüėā I made it to 40 books and I’m somewhat satisfied with that; however, I plan to actually accomplish this goal in 2019.

I’ve decided to publish the list of 40 in case someone needs a good book recommendation. Here it is:

  1. East of Eden- John Steinbeck. People claimed this book was “life changing”  and while I thought it was a good read, it was by no means life changing for me.
  2. Final Girls–  Riley Sager. A great example of the uber-popular thriller genre.
  3. Tell me three thingsJulie Buxbaum. Cute story line.
  4. The Other Wes MooreWes Moore. A great read that examines how environment can affect one’s life outcomes with a little butterfly effect thrown in.
  5. The IdenticalsElin Hildebrand. Wish it would have been summer when I read this one, but unfortunately, it was February.
  6. An American Marriage- Tayari Jones. This one drew me in from the 1st page. One of my absolute faves!
  7. Still Me- Jojo Moyes
  8. My Year with Eleanor-Noelle Hancock. Learned quite a bit about the extraordinary life of Eleanor Roosevelt.
  9. Surprise Me- Sophia Kinsella. Cute, easy read
  10. On the Rocks- Erin Duffy. My least favorite thus far.
  11. .The Great Alone-  Kristin Hannah. This book was set in Alaska and  I loved reading about this rugged, remote land. However,the book was just ok.
  12. .The Seven Husband’s of Evelyn Hugo- Taylor Jenkin Reid. Couldn’t put it down!
  13. .Little Fires Everywhere- Celeste Ng. Everyone raved about this one but it was a disappointment for me.
  14. .Meet Clara Andrews- Lacey London. This book was such a boring and predictable  read, I’m honestly not even sure I can count it.
  15. .Let Your Mind Run- Deena Kastor/Michelle Hamilton. Read this just before my marathon and found some inspiring takeaways!
  16. .One breath- This is a book about the perils of free diving. Loved reading about a subject I knew nothing about.
  17. .Girl, wash your faceRachel Hollis. This one started out ok but got a little preachy for me.
  18. .What I know for sure- Oprah Winfrey. Lots of good advice!
  19. .The 5 love languages- Gary Chapman. I really enjoyed it! So interesting to discover your own love language, as well as your spouses.
  20. . The Fifth Letter- Nicola Moriarty
  21. . Paris For One and other storiesJojo Moyes
  22. .Eleanor Oliphant is completely fineGail Honeyman. A poignant and touching read.
  23. .Tiger Woods- Jeff Benedict, Armen Keteyian–  The rise and fall of the greatest golfer of all time. Captivating tale of parental love gone awry.
  24. .Crazy Rich Asians- Kevin Kwan Couldn’t put it down!
  25. .The Wonder- Emma Donaghue Great read under pressure as it was due back at the library.
  26. .To All The Boys I Loved Before- Jenny Han Quick, entertaining read.  
  27. .Ps. I Still Love You- Jenny Han
  28. .Always and Forever Lara Jean- Jenny Han
  29. . A Spark of Light -Jodi Picoult-  Thought provoking and a great read.  She’s my favorite so, of course, I loved it.
  30. .Bloodsworth-Tim Junkin Tie for Best book of the Year!!!

31. The Queen of Hearts- Kimmery Martin

32. The Hate You Give- Angie Thomas

33. All The Summer Girls- Meg Donohue

34. The Girl Who Smiled Beads- Clementine Wamariya At the age of six, the author and her sister fled the Rwandan massacre and traveled through seven African countries to the U.S. where they were granted refugee status. An incredibly heartbreaking inspiring read.

35. A Day in December- Josie Silver. My first read of Reese’s book club and it did not disappoint.

36. Everything, Everything- Nicola Yoon. Sick teen + love story. Never fails for me.

37. The Invention of Wings- Sue Monk Kidd

38. We’re Gonna Need More Wine- Gabrielle Union.

39. Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen. Now I know what all the Mr. Darcy hype is all about. Should’ve read this one years ago.

40. Just Mercy- Bryan Stevenson. Will make you rethink the death penalty and the penal system. The other Tie for Best Book of the Year!

Neuromas and A New Bike

As has become a running theme around here, I’m on the IR again. ¬†My nagging foot pain has turned into an “OMG this hurts to even walk on” pain.



I had an MRI. ¬†As expected it didn’t show a neuroma, just scarring and fibrosis in the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal. ¬†The treatment plan remains the same, though, as it is common for neuromas not to show up on MRIs.

I have talked about neuromas before but in case you aren’t familiar with them here is a quick definition below:

Morton’s neuroma is a painful condition that affects the ball of your foot, most commonly the area between your third and fourth toes. ¬†It¬†involves a thickening of the tissue around one of the nerves leading to your toes and causes pain in the ball of your foot and numbness and tingling into the toes.

Oh Running? Why do you hate me so when all I do is love you?!

Usually cortisone injections, shockwave therapy, and multiple injections of a sclerosing agent into the neuroma are all effective treatment modalities and surgery is rarely required.

Unless you are me.   I have had all of these treatments, none have worked, and now I am  nearing the end of my rope.

I have not run a single step in over 6 weeks and just saw my podiatrist on July 16th. ¬†He injected my foot with cortisone one last time and if this doesn’t do it, I will have surgery to remove my neuromas.

What have I been up to?

I have been doing a combo of yoga, body pump, and biking.

I can actually say biking instead of just spinning since I just bought a bike!  Exciting right?!  I have always been a little curmudgeon-y (not a real word but go with it) about biking.  This is most likely because I am intimidated by road biking and the only time I bike is on vacation when we rent them.


What else am I thinking?

I know I say this every time I get injured but this is the perfect time for me to incorporate more strength training into my routine.   I am even contemplating doing Kayla Itines, BBG program mostly because I simply adore her but also because the results people achieve are astonishing.

What do you do to get through an injury?

The Delaware Marathon(s)

Since I use this blog as a record for my running, good and bad, I am shocked that it has been 2 and a half months since my marathon and I have yet to do a recap. Better late than never I guess.

Coastal Delaware Marathon

I ran my 20 mile long run back on April 22nd.  Besides a case of the extremes: extreme thirst, extreme fatigue, and extreme mood swings, it went well! No looming injury; I was ready, or so I thought.

Then, during my last longish taper run (12 miles, I think)  I had to cut it short for what I thought might be some ITBS.  I rested but just couldn’t shake this intense back/thigh pain.  I foam rolled like crazy and did a ton of exercises for itbs treatment and decided to proceed with the race.

So we headed to Rehoboth the evening before the race and hit up the expo. There was a masseuse at the expo and I got a massage that focused on my right hip/back area.  It really didn’t help and I was very concerned.  The pain was there with just standing and walking around. I bought an ITB strap to use during the race also.

The race started on the boardwalk in Rehoboth with Bill and Gracie seeing me off and headed through a neighborhood to Gordon’s Pond trail.  The trail was crushed stone which transitioned to an “elevated boardwalk.”  It was at this point, about mile 4, that I knew I was already in trouble.   I loved the scenery but the gravel path and the slats on the boardwalk were causing a pang in my IT band and thigh.

I knew Bill would be waiting to see me at the mile 11 water stop but at mile 8, I made the call.  I told Bill (through more than a little tears) that I would be stopping at mile 11.  I felt confident that I could make it another 3 miles with the pain and I did.

There is nothing (running-wise) as disappointing as DNFing a marathon and having to drive the course that you SHOULD be running on to get back to your hotel.  I put in so much work and felt like my body had betrayed me.

I went home and regrouped.  The pain was pretty bad so I called a new to me place and scheduled a massage.  I explained where my pain was and she went to work.  It was an intense massage but by the time I left, I felt markedly better.

I work at two locations one of which is in the city of Wilmington.  I tell you this because this is where the Delaware Marathon is held and happens to be a  week after the Coastal De marathon, my DNF.

So, the day after my massage,  I was driving to work, and there were all these traffic notifications for this upcoming marathon on Sunday. My next thoughts were: “What if I continue to feel better? Could I run it? The training is there, Are you going to let all that hard work go to waste?”

After talking to Bill (he was so excited, he wanted me to sign up that day), I decided to wait till the day before the race and see how I felt.  I certainly couldn’t take another DNF. I also got another massage the Friday before the race.  She did some minor adjustments on the right side of my lower back but cautioned me that it was a balancing act and too much on one side could cause issues on the other.

That Saturday I signed up for the Delaware Marathon.

Delaware Marathon

The course is two 13.1 mile loops that takes you on a tour of Wilmington.  You run from the Wilmington Riverfront to Brandywine Park (past the Brandywine Zoo) out to Union Street, up and down King Street and back to the Riverfront to complete the second loop.  It is a pretty hilly race but I couldn’t have cared less. I spent my time singing to myself and smiling and chatting with a girl who was running her first half, I was downright giddy.

Once I saw Bill at mile 15, I felt like no matter what I’m finishing this thing.  Mile 18 I had some ITBS on my left- go figure?!! I guess it was the adjustment but I knew I could make it.

We had a big climb up King Street at mile 25 which led to a downhill to the finish.  As I made the turn to the finish line I got so excited and actually said out loud to myself, “I freaking did it!!”

A couple of days later I started my usual negative thinking and was disappointed with my time (4:46:07) but quickly reminded myself that for someone who DNF’ed just a week prior I should be thrilled and so I have been since.

I certainly look it here-

Pure joy with a side of “I’m cold.”

My New Motto

As the season changed and temperatures dropped, I made a conscious decision to “embrace the cold.” ¬† ¬†I was even insufferable enough to call it my new motto. ¬†I am/was sick of spending every winter miserable about the cold and ¬†I really enjoyed running outside this fall and wanted to continue to do so, weather permitting. ¬† This decision was made before the recent cold front with temps in the teens.

Well, I am glad that I told everyone about my new cold “motto” though, because they have definitely been reminding me of it and holding me to it ūüôā

Which brings me to my most recent race, the Phunt 25k Trail race.  It was 20 degrees!!

If it wasn’t for this new motto of mine, coupled with a pact/resolution ¬†that Bill and I had made for 2018, I am not sure I would have made it to the start line. ¬†Bill and I are guilty of signing up for races and then backing out at the last minute. Egregious waste of money! ¬†So we made a pact to run any race we sign up for in 2018, excluding injury.

The race started at 9am and it was windy and cold. ¬†We all took shelter in the hall prior to the start and were reluctant to head outside. ¬†However, once we started running it wasn’t that bad.

They changed the course the night before due to icy and muddy conditions.  It changed from mostly trail to open fields and gravel roads.  There was still quite a bit of climbing (and mud), IMO.  My marathon training plan only called for a 9 mile long run so I decided early on to walk most of the hills to keep it easy.  We ended up running 16.89 miles, so I figured with the added mileage this was perfectly acceptable.

My marathon training has been going well.  Two weeks ago, I had 2 neuromas on my left foot sclerosed.  Shockwave was not helping and, after 4 treatments with no relief, I was impatient.  I mean, I have a marathon to run!  The injection itself did not hurt but it has been SORE.  The day after it was injected I was almost limping at work.  I will have 5 or 6 treatments about 10 days apart.  Fingers crossed!

Thankfully, I am able to still train and I have not missed a run!! I just rescheduled my running the week of the injection but was still able to get them in.

Today, I am scheduled to run 12 miles.  It is currently 22 degrees outside so I am headed to the treadmill to get it done.

2018 Plans

We ran the Hangover Helper 5k on New Years Day. ¬†It was 12 degrees with a real feel of 5 degrees!! I have never run in weather that cold, but it was really wasn’t that bad- once we got moving! We ended up with 5.25 miles for the day since we jogged to and from the race.

 I LOVE to read and used to do it much more often.  I think the biggest reason I read less is the time suck that is the internet.  I spend way too much time scrolling.  I never make New Year resolutions (not a fan of resolutions) but I am going to set a goal: To read 50 books in 2018.

I am currently reading John Steinbeck’s East of Eden. ¬†It should be a quick read, just 602 pages. ¬†Can this count as 2 books?!

Now lets talk running goals.

I ran the Disney Marathon in 2010.  Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong did.

I expected to have a warm race………………it was 33 degrees!

Beck wdw 4
There I am in the trash bag, which I ran in for 18 miles but I’m still smiling!

I expected to run it healthy………I developed some terrible side of the knee pain during training which turned out to be a meniscal tear. ¬†I had planned a Disney vacation with my aunt, sister, BIL, and nephew around the marathon. I had never been to Disney and was excited to see what all the fuss was about. ¬†Not running it was just not an option for me; although, it should have been since it sidelined me for a long time after.

Disney Marathon 037
They are the best! I mean look at those shirts!

The day we arrived, I found an orthopedist and immediately scheduled an appointment. ¬†He gave me a cortisone injection which allowed me to run 10 wonderful miles, pain free. ¬†At mile 10 the all too familiar pain returned and from then on it was ¬†a slow, painful trod. ¬†Let me say, I don’t recommend this. ¬†I think I changed my gait due to pain which then caused a horrific calf cramp at Mile 20. ¬† I stopped to stretch to no avail and had to run the last 6.2 miles with this cramp. ¬†This tightness lasted 3 days!!!

One and Done

I originally thought that marathoning was over for me. ¬†I tried it once and it didn’t go well. ¬†I told myself, “Perhaps my body just isn’t cut out for the marathon distance.” ¬†And, you know what? It might not be.

So what changed?

As you may know from a previous post, I ran the Rehoboth Half in December. This race was a turning point for me.  Prior to the race, I had told myself that I wanted to go under 2 hours.  I knew that I had run a much hillier course at the MDI half in Maine in October in 2:08 with a good bit of walking thrown in.  Plus, I knew the course well and I have always run it just under 2 hours.  My plan was to keep it comfortable for the 1st 5 miles or so and then pick it up.

Well, that didn’t happen. Most races I am usually dying at some point and chastizing myself for running so slow. ¬†The internal dialogue is never good. ¬† The reason for this is that I don’t train at the pace (outside) that I am trying to run. ¬†As I have said before, I am much slower outside than on a treadmill. ¬†This leads to disappointment on race day.

I finally ran the paces I was trained for and realized how lucky and happy I was to be doing what I love. ¬†I didn’t care when the 2 hour pacer passed me. ¬†I just ran what I was capable of on that day. ¬†What a concept, right?!!

I truly enjoyed racing. ¬†The very next thought that popped into my head was, “If I slowed down some more I could probably do another marathon.” ¬†And that thought hasn’t gone away since.

So what’s the plan?

I have signed up for the Coastal Delaware Marathon on April 22, 2017.  This gives me 16 weeks to train as of January 2nd, 2018.

Why run a marathon now?

There are 3 reasons:

#1 – I believe I have a decent base which includes 2 half marathons and a 25k last year.

#2- I am 41. ¬†Even ¬†if I don’t feel like I am in my 40s, I am. ¬†I plan to run until I can’t but I just feel as though now is the right time.

#3- I am injury prone. ¬†It’s always something with me, injury wise. ¬†Last year it was a pes anserine bursitis that lasted way too long. ¬†It never completed sidelined me for more than a couple of weeks but my speed took a major hit.

Currently, I have a lingering foot issue that I recently had injected.  It improved but I still felt it at times when I ran.   I went back to my doctor to see if we could get it 100% prior to beginning my training.   He recommended shockwave therapy and I just had my 3rd treatment.

We talked about the marathon and he feels it is fine to train.  His suggestion was if it flares we will inject it prior to the marathon.  So, I began my training this week.


Year in Review-2017

2017 was a big year for me.  I love looking back and seeing all the amazing things that have happened.


I ran my 1st trail race! The Phunt 25K took place in Fairhill,MD ¬†and, yeah, I probably should have trained on some trails before this race. ¬†I thought I would be fine since I had just ran a half in December, but not so much. ¬†My body was not used to all the up and down and my left hip flexor really wasn’t a fan AT ALL. ¬†All in all, it was a blast and we were amazed by the the amount of food and support offered at each aid station.

I was freezing in this picture!


Wedding planning was in full swing.  We did sneak in a quick ski weekend in Shawnee with my family.

1st time skiing for me. I fell right after this pic.


I ran my favorite race, the Chestertown 10 Miler at the end of May. ¬†It wasn’t my best time but I love the course and it is a race that is very special to my husband and I.

My hubby, our awesome cousin, Pam and I after the race.

I also did a 5k Running series from May to the end of June. Every Wednesday for 5 weeks you run the same 5k course.  Did this with a group of friends and we followed up each run with food and drinks. The course has a tough hill at the end so I am not sure it will ever be a PR course for me.


I got married!!! It was a beautiful day with perfect weather.   I am somewhat of a stressor and I can honestly say that on July 15th, 2017, I was the least stressed I have ever been in my life!


We honeymooned in Newport, Rhode Island.  We ate, biked, ran, and ferried (I got sick on our trip to Block Island)  our way around Newport.  We also got to see some professional tennis.



Here we are with my favorite thing in Newport- Del’s water ice. Amazing!

I have always wanted to run a 5k on 4th of July, so we signed up for one last minute. It was one of my slowest 5ks to date (26:57) but I had such a good time.  Bill and I ran the course again after the race as a cool down.  We just chatted about the race and our plans for the day.  I want this to be a new thing for us.


We signed up for the Dogfish Dash 5 miler at the recommendation of a friend. I LOVE racing with friends so I was all in.  However, it was very disorganized.  We were herded into the start line (no corrals) and while we should have started somewhere in the middle, my friend Megan and I ended up in the very back.  We had to do a lot of bobbing and weaving.  I wish I could use this (and the heat) as an excuse for my dismal time (46:07) but that would be just that, an excuse.  This is the time I was trained for plain and simple.  I will say I was shocked that for such a huge local race, it was not well organized.  I will not be running this one again.


The MDI Half Marathon took place in Bar Harbor, Maine.  We planned the race around a family trip and we had an incredible time.

This is pre race. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law ran it also!



I ran the Rehoboth Half in early December. ¬†Recap for the MDI half and this race are here—->¬†The Race Recap (s)¬† ¬†While this race¬†¬†was a personal worst for me, it really reignited my love of running. ¬†I have always wanted to run another marathon and this race made me believe I could.

Up next-my 2018 running plans!

The Race Recap(s)

I never got around to writing the Mt. Desert Island Half Marathon recap and in the interim I ran another half marathon, the Rehoboth Beach Seashore Half.   I thought I would just recap them both now.

Mt. Desert Island (MDI) Half Marathon- Bar Harbor, ME

I picked this race for two reasons: I love Maine and the MDI marathon is touted as one of the most scenic races in the U.S.

As evidenced below, I would say it did not disappoint.  IMG_4647

We were bussed to the start with plenty of time to use the bathroom and check our bags. Everything was going so smoothly until the moment I realized that I would not be able to listen to my music on my phone. ¬†And I NEED music! ¬† The day before the race I had bought a new iPhone 8. ¬†Right before the start I realized my headphones weren’t compatible with my new phone and I didn’t bring the adapter. Thankfully my SIL (so nice of her) switched phones with me since she and my BIL run the race together without music.

Crisis averted and we were off.

Miles 1-5

Right away the course had a lot of rolling hills. ¬†I just rolled with it (see what I did there?) since I actually don’t mind rolling hills. ¬†I was also so excited for these views-


Mile 6-10

This was when the real fun started. ¬†At about mile 6.5, I came to a pretty big hill and thought, “ok, I am not trained for hills this big but just get up it.” So I did. ¬†Until the moment I realized that these hills were going to just keep coming. ¬† ¬†I managed to keep this up until Mile 9. ¬†Now let me say, I NEVER walk in races. ¬†I may be slow but walking is usually not an option. ¬†At mile 9, I was trudging up a long climb and was going so slow I thought, “I would probably walk faster than I am running,” so I walked.

Mile 11-13.1

I continued to run the flats and walk most of the hills. ¬†My hip flexor was giving me a little trouble but I kept moving using the impending rain as my motivation. ¬†At Mile 13, Bill appeared and we chatted as I approached the finish line. ¬†He later told me, “Yeah you looked way too good at the finish, you could’ve pushed more.” ¬†I usually come in looking like death so I am sure he was right, I could’ve given more. ¬†I just didn’t want to! My finish time was 2:08:20 which is my slowest half marathon finish to date but I wasn’t the least bit upset. ¬†I thoroughly enjoyed the journey on this one!

Rehoboth Beach Seashore Half Marathon- December 2, 2017

This was my fourth time running this race.  I just love everything about it, especially the terrain with an almost even breakdown of half road and half trail.  The weather was perfect and I hoped to run it under 2 hours.

Miles 1-6

I felt good at the start of the race but wanted to run the first few miles conservatively. There are no corrals for this race so I jumped in where I could. ¬†This was not my smartest move, because I started to get passed by A LOT of people. ¬†Normally this doesn’t bother me but it felt like waves of people were passing me. ¬†I just kept repeating my running mantra, “Run your own race,” to myself over and over so I wouldn’t be tempted to try and keep up. ¬†I was ahead of the 2 hour pacer at our first turn ahead which made me hopeful.

Around mile 5, the 2 hour pacer passed me.  I tried to stay with the group but it felt hard.  I thought mile 5 was too early for it to feel THAT hard, so I let him go.  I figured I could make up time on the trail section.

Miles 6-11

We entered my favorite part of the race, the Breakwater Trail, at about mile 7 (I think).  I was running comfortably hard which I was satisfied with and thought I could pick it after the turn around (mile 9).



Miles 10 & 11 were my slowest of the day as I began to tire.

Miles 11-13.1

At Mile 11 you exit the trail. ¬†It was at this point that I finally started to pick it up. ¬†I am happy to say I was able to do that and to finish strong. ¬†I came across the finish line in 2:01:30. ¬†It was a personal worst for this race (I have run them all just under 2 hours) but again, I enjoyed running it. ¬†With the exclusion of these two races, I have not enjoyed racing in a long time. ¬†At some point, I am hating life, beating myself up and asking myself, “Why did you sign up for this race?”

I refuse to do this any longer. ¬†I have a plan to prevent running anymore “hating life” races that I will talk about soon!